Posted by: Sarah Szurpicki | June 2, 2009

Metropolitan Action

Registration for the Thursday, June 18 dinner is now open, and promises to be an important element of the agenda.  Jennifer Bradley, Senior Research Associate at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, will present on why federal policy should support metropolitan collaboration and cooperation, and examine major federal legislation, including the Recovery Act, the FY 2010 budget, and climate legislation to demonstrate how the federal government is beginning to provide important incentives for metropolitan action.

A response panel, consisting of practitioners and analysts, will follow.  Tickets are just $10, and I believe the event will truly tie together all the themes of the summit.

You can review Jennifer’s bio after the jump…

Jennifer Bradley is a Senior Research Associate with the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program.  She focuses on federalism and governance issues and understanding how environmental, economic, and social trends affect America’s metropolitan areas.  At Brookings she has also managed, written, and edited major policy reports, articles, and research briefs.  She was previously the Federalism Project Director at Community Rights Counsel, where she co-authored Supreme Court briefs in major land use cases and helped expand the organization’s mission and funding base.  Jennifer began her career as a journalist, and has written for The New Republic, the Atlantic Monthly, the American Prospect, and Roll Call.

Jennifer graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center, where she was a member of the Georgetown Law Review.  She has a master’s degree from Oxford University, which she attended on a Rhodes Scholarship, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas.


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