Posted by: Sarah Szurpicki | June 8, 2009

Faces of the Summit: Collage

The Great Lakes Metros and the New Opportunity Summit is, most centrally, a conversation about what is working, and what could be working better when it comes to federal support for the revitalization of Great Lakes cities.  Sessions are set up to provide room for dialogue between practitioners, advocates, and state and Federal agency reps, and the strength of this convening will be the diversity of our speakers.

satyawebFor instance, we’ll talk about funding for energy efficiency programs, including weatherization ramping-up, with experts from three different perspectives–an advocate, Satya Rhodes-Conway (pictured) from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, a state-level official, Lori Harris from the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal, and a federal representative of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Sheryl Duderwick.

Phil-KiddWhen we discuss the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, it will be with a state administrator, a local practitioner from Buffalo, and a local advocate and organizer from the Mahoning Valley Organizing Collective, Phil Kidd (pictured).

Likewise, green jobs and Workforce Investment Board funding will be explored with the help of Eric Walker, a Buffalo organizer (pictured), Emmaia Gelman, a Senior Policy Organizer for the Center for Working Families, Michael Gainer, a co-founder of Buffalo ReUse and provider of green jobs, and Jeff Jones, the Director of the NYS Apollo Alliance.

ericwalkerAs you can see on the Agenda page, the Summit’s sessions have been balanced between researchers and academics, policy wonks, organizers, advocates, and state and Federal officials to provide the meaningful, cross-sector collaboration that has been missing for so long.

We encourage you to come and join this conversation.  Registration is still open here.


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