Posted by: Sarah Szurpicki | June 10, 2009

Reasons You Should Register for the Summit Today

The Great Lakes Metros and the New Opportunity Summit is eight days away, on June 18-19 in Buffalo, NY.

Here are a few reasons why YOU should register today:

1.  BECAUSE OF THE SPEAKERS. Miquela Craytor, Executive Director of Sustainable South Bronx, will talk about green jobs.  Former Rochester Mayor William Johnson will discuss the real-world challenges and opportunities of metropolitan governance.  Jennifer Bradley, of the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, will explore recent federal actions that recognize and encourage metropolitan cooperation.  Joe Schilling, Associate Director of the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, will provide context for understanding the related programs that can help reinvent distressed neighborhoods.  Blaine Bonham, the Senior Director for State and National Outreach at The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will join a panel on green jobs in infrastructure improvements.  The full list of outstanding confirmed speakers and the organizations they represent is here.

2.  BECAUSE OF THE TOPICS. Summit sessions are set up to provide room for dialogue among practitioners, advocates, and state and Federal agency reps about what is working, and what could be working better.  Whether it’s the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, Community Development Block Grants, building efficiency funds, or Workforce Investment Boards, we will explore urgent topics through the multiple lenses of our chronically challenged cities, the goal of sustainable economic development, a demand for innovation, and the sense that right now is an unrivaled time of transformation.

3.  BECAUSE OF WHAT WE HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH. Over the course of two days, we will contribute to: maximizing the community impact of the stimulus in Great Lakes cities; advancing innovative policy approaches to problems facing all Great Lakes cities; building an organized constituency for Great Lakes resurgence; articulating a vision for change; and, of course, having fun in the sun on the shores of Lake Erie.

4.  BECAUSE YOU NEED TO BE PART OF THIS CONVERSATION. Practitioners, stakeholders, advocates, foundation reps, NGOs, planners, concerned citizens, municipal employees–our cities need us to engage each other in this re-imagining.

Register today!


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