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DAY 1 – June 18, 2009

11:00 – Registration

11:30 – Conference Welcome from Bruce Fisher

11:45 – Metropolitan Action for a Metropolitan Nation, Brookings Report from Jennifer Bradley

12:15 – ARRA Overview and Framing Questions to Provide Feedback on Federal Programs with Barbara Burnham (P)

12:40 – Response Panel, with moderator Sam Magavern and panelists Allison Duwe, William Johnson, Michael Skrebutenas, and Michael Weber

1:30 – Green Jobs with Miquela Craytor

2:15 – Concurrent Sessions on:

3:45 – Concurrent Sessions on:

5:00 – Reception at JP Bullfeathers (1010 Elmwood Ave.)

DAY 2 – June 19, 2009

9:00 – High-speed Rail and the Potential in the Great Lakes Region with NY Assemblymember Sam Hoyt

9:30 – Reinventing Distressed Neighborhoods with Joe Schilling

10:00 – Encouraging Regional/Metropolitan Governance with moderator Bruce Fisher and panelists the Hon. William Hudnut, the Hon. William Johnson, and Darin Schulz

11:30 – Concurrent Sessions on:

1:00 – Restoring the Great Lakes: Infrastructure, Pollution Prevention, Mitigation, Economic Development with moderator-panelist Charlie Bartsch and panelists David Cowgill (P) and Julie Barrett O’Neill

2:15 – Regional Governance: A State Perspective with John Maggiore

3:00 – Waterfront and Neighborhood Tour on Buffalo’s West Side



  1. Count me in. I work for a non-profit.

  2. hmmmmm…..being an artist, i’m concerned that there seems to be nothing on your agenda that addresses our needs….also, being engaged in reentry, i’m concerned that i see nothing that specifically addresses under-employment, unemployment, homelessness, and the challenges of reentry…many parolees are coming to WNY and more are on the way……

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