We are making powerpoint presentations and remarks available as we obtain permission from speakers.  Please check back frequently for a growing library of information.

Charlie Bartsch spoke about the cocktail of programs, ARRA and otherwise, that can be used to support Great Lakes restoration and revitalization, including a description of eligible activities under those programs: Charlie Bartsch.Buffalo Summit-ARRA

Brookings Institution’s Jennifer Bradley argues for metropolitan collaboration, and explains how, and how not (e.g., business-as-usual funding silos) the federal government has enabled metropolitan efforts: Jennifer Bradley.2009-06-18 Federal and Metro Collaboration (Buffalo, NY) v2

Walt Burlack provides an introduction to the multiple initiatives the Student Conservation Association uses to promote the creation of green jobs and more sustainable cities: Walt Burlack.ICLEI SCA PPT revised

Barbara Burnham’s thorough and precise overview of the ARRA and FY2010 budgets; she focuses on where the money is and what it’s supposed to be doing: Barbara Burnham – Federal Policy Presentation – Great Lakes Metros Summit

While Arlo Chase was unable to ultimately make it to Buffalo due to weather, he has still shared his presentation, an overview of the foreclosure crisis in the Great Lakes region, the Federal and New York State response to it, including the Neighborhood Stabilization program.  He also introduced the NYS block-by-block program and provided some recommendations for future thinking on tackling these challenges: Arlo Chase.Great LAke Metros Buffalo Summit 6-18-09

David Cowgill’s overview of the various Great Lakes funding opportunities, including the Great Lakes Legacy Act, the Stimulus, and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, including the allowable project types, goals, and process for each: GLRI 06-19-2009 Cowgill – Buffalo rev

George Grasser makes the case for more livable communities, why regional planning is necessary to create them, and what powers regional planning boards can exercise: George GrasserRegional Governance

Jeff Jones’s introduction to the Apollo Alliance, the Workforce Development Institute, and Apollo’s guidelines for evaluating Stimulus investments: Jeff Jones.Buffalo GLUE conf 6-19

Phil Kidd shares a few slides on the vacancy patterns in Youngstown, and organizing strategy to fight it: Phil Kidd.MVOC Presentation

Dom Nozzi’s definition of complete streets and why they’re important: Dom Nozzi.Complete Sts Buffalo.609

Satya Rhodes-Conway’s discussion of the overlapping challenges that can be addressed by energy efficiency retrofit programs, and how to set up such a program: Satya Rhodes-Conway.GLMS06182009

Joan Roby-Davison’s exploration of the gaps in the ability of non-profit organizations to apply for federal and state level affordable housing programs: Joan Roby-Davison.Great Lakes presentation

Darin Schulz discusses the reasons for promoting regionalism in rural communities, efficiency over redundant services, and the challenges to implementation: Darin Schulz.Regionalism in Rural Communities 6.15.09

Brian Segel gave a very detailed breakdown of how NYS has used funds from the first round of NSP, which should be helpful to those preparing to apply for future NSP allocations: Brian Segel.HFA NSP Slides for 5.6.09 NYSAFAH Panel

Tom Vannortwick’s presentation of the NYS DHCR’s plan for using the weatherization assistance program to create jobs, save energy, and assist low-income families: Tom Vannortwick.ARRA Presentation for Wx 6.15.09


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