Charlie Bartsch

bartsch-charlieCharlie Bartsch has more than 25 years of experience in economic and community development program and policy analysis focusing on brownfield reuse. He is a nationally recognized authority on emerging public-private and state and federal brownfield financing and process initiatives. Currently, he is Vice President and Senior Fellow for Human Services and Community Development at ICF International. He serves ICF as its brownfields policy expert. Formerly, he was Director of Brownfield Studies at the Northeast-Midwest Institute.

Mr. Bartsch was instrumental in the evolution of the brownfield issue from its inception in the early 1990s, producing the first evaluation of the emerging brownfield market (the landmark New Life for Old Buildings) developing the first case studies of brownfield reuse successes (Lessons from the Field), preparing the first Brownfields State of the States analysis of state reuse programs, and carrying out the first federal cross-agency analysis of programs applicable to brownfield situations (Guide to Federal Brownfield Programs).

Over the past two decades, he has written numerous other reports and publications and, most recently, has co-authored Financing Strategies for Brownfield Cleanup and Redevelopment and Recycling America’s Gas Stations. He has also carried out analyses of state brownfield financing programs and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Phoenix Awards project winners.

Mr. Bartsch often testifies before Congress on issues of economic development, most recently on HUD brownfield financing innovations, brownfield reauthorization, and brownfield tax incentives. He is chair of the National Brownfield Association’s Advisory Board and a national board member of GroundworksUSA. He serves on the advisory board of the National Vacant Property Campaign and the editorial board of BNA’s Environmental Due Diligence Reporter.

Mr. Bartsch has been a tireless advocate for brownfield revitalization. He has conducted workshops and offered training in more than 40 states and nearly 300 communities. In 2001, he received the International Economic Development Council’s Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service for ten years of work on brownfield policies and legislation.


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