Diane DeVaul

Diane DeVaul is the Institute’s director of policy and a specialist on energy issues and the regional effects of federal spending. Dr. DeVaul has coordinated the Institute’s industrial energy efficiency efforts and is Director of the Northeast Regional Resource Center for Innovation, one five U.S. Department of Energy Regional Resource Centers. Her publications include Implementing Industrial Energy Efficiency, “Crane Washington: A Model for Metal Casting” in The 1999 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry, and “The Energy, Environment, and Manufacturing Technology Access Strategy for Small and Mid-Sized Metal Fabricators” in ACEEE 1995 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry: Partnerships, Productivity and the Environment. She was a coauthor of Toolbook for Financing Energy Efficiency and Pollution Prevention Technologies, Utilities and Manufacturing: Pioneering Partnerships and Their Lessons for the 21st Century,, and Utilities and Industries. She has had articles published in Public Utilities Fortnightly and Issues in Science and Technology, the magazine of the National Academy of Sciences. She has served on the U.S. Department of Energy’s review panel to select national industrial energy efficiency award winners.

DeVaul was selected to be a member of the North American Working Group that met at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government to define U.S. policy issues involved in expanding imports of Canadian electricity. She also gave a presentation on those policy issues at the Trinational Energy Policy Workshop at Stanford University and at the International Association of Energy Economists’ Annual North American Meeting. Moreover, she delivered a paper, “Post-War Energy Economics: The Urban and Regional Implications,” at the Johns Hopkins University symposium.

Previously, she served as a consultant to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Community Planning and Development, providing program recommendations for two urban initiatives to the Assistant Secretary.

DeVaul’s doctoral dissertation received the Carl Boyd award for distinguished dissertations from the University of Maryland. She has taught at the University of Maryland, George Mason University, and American University.


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