John Maggiore

John B. Maggiore serves as Policy Advisor for Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo.  An advisor on numerous policy issues, John is also intimately involved with the agency’s communications, outreach and intergovernmental operations.

Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Executive staff, John served as an administrator at Buffalo State College in the dual capacities as Assistant to the President for Communications and Director of Government Relations for the College.  He was also a lecturer in the Political Science Department.

John’s 2005 work as Staff Manager of the Erie County Stabilization Project was instrumental in developing a report containing 128 proposals that ultimately served as a key foundation for Erie County’s strategic plan for balancing the budget and streamlining county government.  John later served on the Erie County Charter Revision Commission, which produced a series of charter changes that were approved by voters in 2006.

John served as Chief of Staff for Assemblyman Sam Hoyt for nearly 10 years.  His prior government service included the positions of Staff Assistant to HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo and Confidential Assistant to Governor Mario Cuomo.

John has masters degrees in public administration and political science from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and Rutgers University, respectively.  He is Bachelor’s Degree is from Connecticut College.  In addition to Buffalo State College, John has taught political science classes at the University at Buffalo and Canisius College.

Born and raised in Buffalo, John currently divides his time between Buffalo, Albany and all of New York State.


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