Julie O’Neill

Julie O'Neill 810Julie Barrett O’Neill is the Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER.  A native of WNY who gained familiarity with the water as a rower, Julie joined Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper in 2001 as the organization’s first permanent staff person.  Under her leadership the organization has grown to 11 permanent and 6 temporary staff members and is currently adding more.  The organization’s budget has bloomed from $26,000 to a projected $3 million in 2009.  Riverkeeper’s recent project accomplishments include the Niagara Power Project Environmental Settlement, Niagara River Greenway Plan adoption and a first ever $1.2 million sediment clean up agreement with the US EPA.  In 2006, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper was recognized by US EPA Region 2 with its highest citizen organization award.  In 2005, Julie was recognized as the Erie County Environmental Citizen of the Year.

Julie is an attorney and holds a masters in economic development planning as well as an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies.  She lives in Buffalo in a recently remodeled “green” building with her husband and three children.


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