Miquela Craytor

MiquelaCraytorMiquela Craytor is the Executive Director of Sustainable South Bronx, an organization dedicated to creating Environmental Justice Solutions through innovative, economically sustainable projects that are informed by community need. Recognized for her work in both local and national circles, she has contributed to the Presidential Climate Action Plan, served as Global Green Urbanism Leader and as an Institute for Design contributor. Initially joining SSBx in November 2006 as Deputy Director, Ms. Craytor has overseen initiatives that have helped improve the organization’s effectiveness and reputation within the community.  Opening the Bronx waterfront – one of SSBx’s signature crusades – is a personal priority for Craytor.

Previously, Ms. Craytor was Senior Planner of Economic Development at Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, the economic development consultants to the Office of the Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr.  Prior to Ms. Craytor’s work in government, she spent over 4 years in corporate legal and financial institutions, all of which has helped prepare her to effectively manage SSBx’s vision.

Originally from Oregon, Craytor now has firm roots in the Bronx.  With Mexican, European, and Native American heritage, Craytor immediately identified with the diversity she found in America’s original melting pot.  Craytor earned a master’s with honors in city and regional planning from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts, with Honors, in Planning and Public Policy and Management with a minor in History from the Honors College of the University of Oregon.


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