Russell Combs

russ-combsRussell Combs has over 25 years experience in the business incubation industry, including Senior Management, entrepreneurship training, development of technology-based facilities and training programs, management of governmental programs supporting economic development, as well as business consulting in the private sector.

His experience also includes authorship of feasibility studies for both mixed-use and food product production facilities (kitchen incubators). He is past President of the Virginia Business Incubation Association boasting 34 business incubators throughout the state. He formerly directed business incubation activities at the Business Incubation Group of the Shenandoah Region in Winchester Virginia consisting of four facilities in three counties. He served as director of a Technology Ventures Division for a not-for-profit corporation, which includes management of a youth entrepreneurial development program, a technology-based business incubator, and four community technology centers in Southeastern Ohio. He has directed the administration and marketing of an Economic Development Zone initiative, which included strategies of growth, incubation, and expansion for over 90 businesses. The program was globally recognized for its successes. He also served as the director of a MicroEnterprise, Entrepreneurial Assistance and ARC Second Stage Business Counseling Program. This initiative resulted in over 120 small business start-ups within a six-year period with a 94% success rate.

Mr. Combs also administered the formulation of a five-community human services and economic development initiative resulting in creation of five diverse programs which received special recognition from New York State Department of Youth and Department of Social Services, as well as New York Department of Economic Development for business retention and expansion strategies within the five communities.

Mr. Combs has also worked in the private sector as CEO and Senior Consultant of his own business which restructured failing companies. All businesses assisted remained in operation retaining over 1,000 jobs.

Mr. Combs received his degree from Dayton Bible College, Dayton, Ohio, in 1972. He has continued his studies in Business Administration and Management, as well as Management/Labor Relations. He is active in the National Business Incubation Association, and is a frequent presenter at NBIA and other state and regional incubation conferences.  He was also a presenter at the 1998 International Business Incubator Conference in Hong Kong.


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