Sam Hoyt

Born and raised in Buffalo’s west side, William B. (Sam) Hoyt III has represented the neighborhoods of Buffalo’s Lower West Side, Black Rock-Riverside, and portions of North Buffalo, Parkside, and the City’s University District, as well as the town of Grand Island, since 1992. Sam has dedicated his career to advancing the ideals of public service and progressive community change.

Sam counts the development of Western New York’s economy as his highest priority. He has introduced nationally recognized, groundbreaking legislation to encourage a Smart Growth approach to combating urban sprawl. He champions legislation to reform industrial development agencies (IDAs), and allow for local government consolidation. He has been one of the Legislature’s leading opponents of legalizing casino gambling, which he views as an economic threat to the region. Sam has helped pass more than 150 tax cuts, is working to expand Buffalo’s Empire Zone, and has helped direct millions of state economic development dollars into Buffalo’s and Grand Island’s business districts.

Sam is a chief proponent of renewable energy sources, green building technologies, cleaning up brownfields, parks protection, urban reforestation and alternative fuel/low emissions vehicles. He has a near-perfect environmental voting record, and has been honored by many environmental advocacy organizations for his leadership in the area. In 2001 alone, he won the William B. Hoyt Environmental Award from the National Audubon Society (named in honor of Sam’s father, who preceded Sam in the Assembly) and the League of Conservation Voters’ Creating a Greener New York Award.


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